.:Map of Messinia (top)

Map of Local Coast (below)

The Map of Messinia gives you an overview - Scroll down for the more detailed map of our local coastline.

Quality detailed maps take a while to download - please be patient as you can.
Being the most southerly tip of the Peloponnese, you have the best chance of warm, dry weather not just in the summer.

Good overview Map of Messinia in the Peloponnese

Find the following villages around Chrani by these map references

Adriani - c14, Chrani - h10, Episkopi h13, Fanorameni f31, Harokopio g23,

Kakorrevma e10, Kafou f12, Loga e15, Petalidi - i3, Vigla g9

Detailed map of coastline around Chrani - from Petalidi to Koroni