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A very unhappy donkeyAn agricultural three wheelerAlternative forms of Transport

Take our word for it - leave donkeys and three wheelers to the Greeks


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Why not get here by airplane / taxi or coach and hire a car for your whole or part of your stay or just a day?

Click here to find out how to get from the airport to Chrani by Bus, Coach and TaxiBuses

There is a good bus service centered on Kalamata which serves most of the major towns - as well as many of the smaller villages in Messinia for between €1 - €5 There is also an excellent, regular service from Athens to Kalamata. Ticket prices are very reasonable - under €30.00 per person one way from the airport to the Athens Bus Station and on to Kalamata Bus Station.

For a guide to how to get from Athens to Chrani by bus and coach, click here


Local taxis are reliable and will cost around €35 for the trip from Kalamata to Chrani. From a strictly personal point of view, the taxi ride from Athens is simply too scary and we prefer to take coaches because the drivers don't take risks albeit the journey is a little slower.


A popular method of transport for the experienced motor cycle riderScooter

If you are both confident and experienced, choose this cheap and simple way of getting around. Mopeds and scooters are a popular way to get about cheaply even for those with cars. Scooters are for hire in Kalamata - Google "Bike Hire Kalamata" for most results


Perferably, hire a mountain bike! Cycling

The Peloponnese is a popular destination among cycling fans. It is an excellent way to see the country as long as you pick the best time of year! It is too hot to tour around by cycle in the summer and can be extremely cold in the mountains in winter. For the rest of the year conditions are ideal for this healthy and environmentally friendly way of touring and bicycles are for hire in Kalamata.


There are plenty of walks that do not require boots like theseWalking

Greece is a very popular choice for walking holidays and the Peloponnese is the perfect place to trek. For those who want to 'get away from it all' walking provides the chance to take in the atmosphere and wonderful scenery. It also allows you to explore the hidden treasures hidden in olive groves or on the mountainsides. The times for walking are early and late in the season with the best time being in Spring when the abundant wild flowers are a delight.