New Year's Day - St Basil the Great
Feast of Epiphany - In the Greek Orthodox Church this commemorates the baptism of Christ and not the coming of the Magi
St John the Baptist


Carnival' - a celebration over three weeks prior to Lent culminating in most large towns having a carnival parade
Kathera Devtera - 'Clean Monday' - the first day of Lent
Although now in Lent the day is still festive in nature and local families go to the countryside to eat simple Lenten picnics and the major pastime is kite-flying
(NB Both the dates of Carnival and Clean Monday vary according to the date of Easter)


The celebration of the beginning of the revolution of 1821 on March 23 in Kalamata
Independence Day - a National Holiday Schoolchildren parade in costume and there is traditional dancing in the towns squares


Easter - variable dates (NB does not necessarily coincide with UK and rest of Europe!)
This is the major religious festival in Greece and is celebrated in style


May 1 - May Day and also Spring Festival. A national holiday


St Peter and St Paul plus Day of the twelve Apostles


St Elijah Many churches - usually on hilltops - are named after St Elijah
Festival in honour of Tellos Agras in July in Gargaliani
The Kalamata International Dance festival


Most Greeks go on holiday in this month and resorts are very busy. Assumption Day - a very big national holiday The Festival of Panagia this day in Kardamyli and Koroni


The Virgin Mary's Birthday pluis Elevation of the Cross - an important feast day
The Carnival and the six-day Bazaar in September in Meligalas and Messini


The celebration of the anniversary of the sea fight of Navarino in Pylos
Oct 28 Οχι Day ('No' Day) - A annual national holiday. In 1940 General Metaxas said 'No' to the demands of Mussolini that Italian troops should have a right of passage through Greece. In the subsequent fighting the Greek army heavily defeated the Italians


St Michael and St Gabriel plus Presentation of the Virgin Mary Nov 30 - St Andrew


St Nicholas - not the Greek Father Christmas that is St Basil. Dec 25 - Christmas Day of course
Dec 26 - Public Holiday