There is yachting from Agios Andreas with AreionSail. At 20th May 2019 guiding Skipper Anneka's site states that daytrips cost from 50 euros per person and trips with overnight stay(s) cost from € 200,00 per day incl. skipper (not in the price is extra costs like fuel etc.)
At Messiniasailing they replied 20th May 2019 as follows:-Half Day costs 500 euro up to 10 persons n from Kalamata Base. Incl. Beverages fruits. For pick up from Chrani beach there is an additional charge 100 euro. Price include a 51ft ocean class boat, Master Marine skipper, hostess, rib boar n all expense for taxes diesel insurance etc. (all inclusive).


The Peloponnese is a popular destination among cycling fans. Whether you would like to cycle or mountain bike on holiday or do a guided tour inland or just want to rent a mountain bike or bike, the best place to start is the

Diros Caves

The caves at Diros are unforgettable. An underground river is responsible for the crystal waters, and the underground caves weave lazily along the sparkling stalactites and stalagmites of all sizes and shapes. Halogen lights have been placed strategically to show a huge of colours and formations built by nature over thousands of years. The caves of Diros: Glyphada (or Vlyhada) Alepotripa and Kataphygi are situated south of Aeropoli. DIROS CAVES: 8.00-15.00 daily "VLYCHADA" CAVE: 0733-52222 NEOLITHIC MUSEUM OF DIROS: 0733-52223 Open daily 08.30-15.00 except Mondays.


Some of us love GOLF, some hate it and some don't care! The Westin Resort at Costa Navarino is not only an absolutely world class golf resort but has the highest quality accommodation, dining, spa & fitness facilities and caters for weddings. Check out .The Westin Resort Costa Navarino

Horse Riding in Chrani

Enjoy the landscape peacefully on horseback with

Railway Ride

The Diakofto Kalavrita Railway is a historic 750 mm (2 ft 5+1⁄2 in) gauge rack railway. It runs 22 km from Diakofto through the Vouraikos Gorge and the old "Mega Spileon" Monastery and up to Kalavrita, stopping on route at Zachlorou. It goes without saying, the views are stunning


Ski at Kalavrita -

Waterfall & Lake Walks Swimming Jumping

Do not do the high jumping without expert local advice - check out Kazama Falls

Power Boat Hire

Address: 3rd Parodos Artemidos, Kalamata 24100 Email: Phone: +30 (27210) 82035

Water Sport

Wind Surf / Kayak in Koroni at the excellent Zaga and Memi beaches to the west of the Koroni. Check out

Local Walks

If you are keen on walking and hiking, you can visit the peaks of Annina, Lipovouni, Marmarokastro, Vassiliki, Neraidovouna, Xerovouna in Mt. Taigetos. However, you do not have to cross the bay to do some good walking
There is a general right to walk over and through land that is unfenced. The area is covered in tracks, olives groves, tiny churches, ruins etcetera. The map above shows some serious hiking in and around the Chrani area (Chranoi / Xranoi )


Exploring Messinia and beyond by car can be great fun. Check out our Touring page

Exploring by Scooter

If you are both confident and experienced, choose this cheap and simple way of getting around. Mopeds and scooters are a popular way to get about cheaply even for those with cars
Scooters are for hire in