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There is always plenty to do (if you want!)

Waling and hiking map for the area around ChraniIf you are keen on walking and hiking, you can visit the peaks of Annina, Lipovouni, Marmarokastro, Vassiliki, Neraidovouna, Xerovouna in Mt. Taigetos. However, you do not have to cross the bay to do some good walking.

There is a general right to walk over and through land that is unfenced. The area is covered in tracks, olives groves, tiny churches, ruins etcetera. The map on the left shows some serious hiking in and around the Chrani area (Chranoi / Xranoi )







Anneka and her boat make for a great day out for up to six people from Agios Andreas







There is yachting from Agios Andreas with AreionSail. At 20th May 2019 guiding Skipper Anneka's site states that daytrips cost from 50 euro’s per person and trips with overnight stay(s) cost from € 200,00 per day incl. skipper (not in the price is extra costs like fuel etc.)

Anneka and her boat make for a great day out for up to six people from Agios Andreas








At Messiniasailing they replied 20th May 2019

"Half Day costs 500 euro up to 10 persons n from Kalamata Base. Incl. Beverages fruits. For pick up from Chrani beach there is an additional charge 100 euro. Price include a 51ft ocean class boat, Master Marine skipper, hostess, rib boar n all expense for taxes diesel insurance etc. (all inclusive). As only few days remain available for June" So book early!


Children and adults alike love horse riding in ChraniWind surf from Koroni and Finikounda








HORSE RIDING IN CHRANI peripetiahorses.com

WIND SURF / KAYAK in Koroni www.surfcenter-koroni.com

Wind surf from Koroni and Finikounda














SCARY JUMPING at Kazarma Falls - Not for the faint hearted and at your own risk

The Diakofto Kalavrita Railway travelling to KalavritaSki-ing for winter visitors only








Ski at Kalavrita - www.kalavrita-ski.gr

The Diakofto Kalavrita Railway odontotos.com is a historic 750 mm (2 ft 5+1⁄2 in) gauge rack railway. It runs 22 km from Diakofto through the Vouraikos Gorge and the old "Mega Spileon" Monastery and up to Kalavrita, stopping on route at Zachlorou. It goes without saying, the views are stunning.

The caves of Diros: Glyphada (or Vlyhada) Alepotripa and Kataphygi(diros-caves.gr) The caves at Diros are unforgettable. An underground river is responsible for the crystal waters, and the underground caves weave lazily along the sparkling stalactites and stalagmites of all sizes and shapes. Halogen lights have been placed strategically to show a huge of colours and formations built by nature over thousands of years.The caves of Diros: Glyphada (or Vlyhada) Alepotripa and Kataphygi are situated south of Aeropoli. DIROS CAVES: 8.00-15.00 daily "VLYCHADA" CAVE: 0733-52222 NEOLITHIC MUSEUM OF DIROS: 0733-52223 Open daily 08.30-15.00 except Mondays.

For those who want more than our fabulous sun, sea and sand

Wild flowers on a hillside olive grove near Chrani, Messinia, Peloponnese in GreeceTaigetos Mountain in the Mani between Kalamata and Sparta in the Peloponnese in Greece








Here are scenes from Spring in Chrani with fields full of wild flowers and from our local mountain range in the Mani with mount Taigetos sitting majestically on top.